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The reasons why the cryptocurrency is going to be the future

Most of us know that cryptocurrency is the next big thing and it is literally going to take over a lot of things. It would not be an understatement to say that it is going to have a massive impact on the way that our lives are functioning right now.

Just a few years more tech and finance will not be two separate entities. Both will be one. Whatever we know right now is just the crust of it. There is a lot more to come. In this article, we will see why the cryptocurrency is going to be the future.

zero Frauds

Finance is one of the industries where frauds are happening on a daily basis. Some are on a large scale, and some are on a small scale. Irrespective of the scale at which the fraud is done, a fraud is a fraud. Whatever security measures that the banks are taking, robbers and hackers are finding a way to break the security. But that is not the case when it comes to cryptocurrency. There will be zero frauds because all cryptocurrency has to use this tech called as blockchain, which is actually a digital ledger. There will not be any kind of breach or Any frauds with blockchain.

Immediate settlement

People might think that even now immediate settlements can be done with online transfers. Yes. We do agree. But when you are purchasing a property, you will have to go through a lot of procedures. With cryptocurrency, it is not necessary. It is because with blockchain through which cryptocurrency is operated can also store various other data. For example, if the property belongs to some person, the details of the individual can be stored, and it will be very easy to make settlements irrespective of the value of the property.

Access to everyone

The number of people who actually have access to the internet is higher than the number of people who have access to the conventional exchange system. The most important fact is that the reach of the internet is increasing every day. To get access to any cryptocurrency, all you need is a smartphone with a good internet connection. Recently Kenya’s M-PESA system, which is a mobile-based money transfer system announced bitcoin device. According to the stats, one out of every three Kenyans has a bitcoin wallet.

Lower or no transaction fee

It is a well-known fact that the transaction fee is one of the things that we hate about banks. The hate that we have is absolutely reasonable because it is our money and we are transacting it and why we should be charged for that. Well, just a few more years, and when cryptocurrency comes into action, there will not be any charges for the transactions that you are making.

Online retailers now accepting bitcoin

We have seen in recent months, a number of online retailers and service providers announce that they are now offering bitcoin payments. This allows anyone that holds bitcoin currency to be able to make a transaction of a cash value in the equivalent bitcoin value. This new move further strengthens the value that bitcoin has and the fact that it appears many businesses are now embracing its potential future value. Most recently pay day pixie loans recently announced that they are rolling out a bitcoin repayment programme which should be live for UK customers at the beginning of 2021. The move will enable customers to receive their payday loan in the form of bitcoin.

Pocket guide for payday loans

There are times where desperate situations ask for desperate and this where people explore different ways of getting their monetary needs fulfilled. Try to understand the ways payday loan works which can help you determine your options which can help empower you to make better choices.

How does payday work


When you are opting for a payday loan, it is important that you know that they take a security check against the amount that you have borrowed to apply for the payday loan. There are many times that there are bad credits or no credits, which can give the lender the authority to take payments from your bank and make sure that you make your next payments right. This is one of the main reason that payday lender is quite risky. If you are taking an online loan, you need to authorize the company that you are taking fund and make sure that you pay back your employer.

Risks of payday loans

A payday loan can sometimes seem too good to be true but there more accessible than a personal loan or credit card. If you are not careful payday loans can dangerous, which can cause your credit score. It is easy for you to minimize the effect of the payday loan. It is natural to assume than one will be able to pay the fee. If you try to set aside money to repay the payday loan, expected costs which can derail the goal. Try to make sure that you can cut the gas budget which can help you pay back your loans. Payday loans can be very difficult to get out of this cycle which can make them pay their loans quickly.

How to repay the payday loan

When you take a payday loan which can make sure that you have the right loan and fee. Try to make sure that you pay for the personal loan instalment. They have to pay for the money which can help you pay off the money in the future. There is an added fee which might look small when you first take the loan home, but it can soon get you into a cycle which can end up one owing money to more than the amount you borrowed.

Payday loans affecting my credit

There are many types of loans, but applying for a payday loan can make an impact on your credit score. These payday loans are intended to be small loans that can take out the short term. Lenders do not require a hard pull of credit score, which can make you eligible for a loan. The payday loan payment is generally not reported, which can affect the national credit score. But, if you are able to pay your loan on time to keep your credit score.

Money-saving tips for students

It can be really hard for a student to save money which can help you when you are working or going to school. There are many ways that you can save money even as a student and one might not be aware of it.

Make a budget

Before you start with the cutting down on expenses, you need to know that you are aware of the money that you earn. This can help give one a clearer picture of the money that you have to spend for your daily necessities. You can also add items like rent, utilities, food and other things which can help you add to your budget. This you can make sure that it will work to help ensure that you do not waste money rather save the money by various means.

Make your own food

Instead of grabbing breakfast at the nearest restaurant, you can make sure to set the right timer, which can help you make food. This is not just beneficial for your pockets but also your health. You can also use the leftovers from the dinner and make dinner out of it. This can also make sure that you save time and money.

Use your local library

If you are someone who likes to read the library, go to movies and play video games. It is better that you visit the local library. This is one of the excellent ways to make use of discounted tickets and art gallery tickets. They also have a lot of free events that you can participate, which can help ensure that you have a fun time while not spending your time at all.

Dine with care and coupons

An occasional dinner is very much appreciated but try to not take advantage of this, especially to your dinner specials. Try to make sure that use the coupons which can give you a free dinner or an offer.

Seek out free entertainment

Live outdoor music which can help ensure that you have the right summer vacation. Try to make sure that you are putting yourself through plays, concerts and other events which can be free of charge. Try to check for websites of areas schools and communities which can give you a break that too for free.

Use your student ID

There are many places which give great discounts to students. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the right place waiting for you. There are also gyms who give discounts to the memberships and companies like apple also provide a lot of discounts on technology as well. No matter the place you need to make sure that you are always asking for student discounts which is a good sign of saving a few bucks.

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